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The "Drew-Pal" company is a renowned provider of pallet-related services, offering comprehensive solutions at every stage of pallet turnover - from production, through purchase and sale, to transport organization and mechanized loading.


With many years of experience and a wide business profile, Drew-Pal sets standards in the industry, providing products of the highest quality. Drew-Pal's offer includes both new and used pallets, including euro pallets sought after on the market. Each product offered by the company is characterized by high quality, no damage or dirt, which proves Drew-Pal's care for customer satisfaction and compliance with the highest industry standards.


Drew-Pal, committed to sustainable development and environmental protection, uses only materials from legal sources to produce its wooden pallets and metal baskets. Moreover, we have licenses and an IPPC certificate issued by the Wood Technology Institute confirming compliance of production processes with phytosanitary requirements in force in the European Union. This is a guarantee that all Drew-Pal products are safe for health and the environment, and their use is fully consistent with international standards.


Thanks to its versatility, Drew-Pal supports both small, local enterprises and large, international corporations, adapting its services to the individual needs of each client. Regardless of the scope of needs, Drew-Pal always guarantees professionalism, flexibility and readiness to meet the expectations of the most demanding business partners.

About Drew-Pal





Our services

Our offer

The excellent quality of our services and individual approach to each client are our distinguishing features. We are proud that many of our clients have been with us for years and have been advising them from the very beginning of our or their company's existence.




Transportation services 


The transportation industry supports the global flow of goods using a variety of modes of transportation

 Wooden pallets

Wooden pallets are light and durable transport platforms, usually made of pine or spruce, used in logistics and warehousing




UIC metal baskets


UIC metal baskets are durable transport containers used for transporting and storing goods, used in various industries



Pallet repair


Repairing wooden pallets involves restoring their condition and strength by replacing or repairing damaged boards and elements


Sawmill products


Sawmill products include boards, beams, lumber and battens, produced from wood at sawmills for construction, carpentry and interior decoration

We are proud of our achievements

We are here to meet the expectations of our customers thanks to our experience. We know what we're doing, see for yourself.

We have the necessary licenses and the IPPC certificate issued by the Wood Technology Institute, which allow us to supply companies in Poland with our products.


years of experience


Please contact us if you have any questions, we will try to help!

(+48) 503-649-582

ul. Kielecka 7, 

80-180 Gdańsk



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